Women In Industry


The “Women In Industry” event is a WIN event that was dedicated to the commemoration of the “International Women’s Day”. It was a two parts event which was open for everyone in the student’s community. The first part is constituted of speeches of women that followed different paths in life, all of them are or were once engineers in the oil and gas field. The second part was a group of various workshops, soft and hard skills ones, all conducted by women.

The first part started with a small opening about the role that every woman plays in society and their tremendous contribution in every part of the human activity. After that, the president, Abd Elaziz CHIBOUB FELLAH, talked about the impact of this kind of events on both the members and the participants and about how important it is to empower women and encourage them to reach their dreams in order to create a better world.

We also had a small talk from Nadjla Zarga, a member of our student chapter that was followed by 3 interesting talks from our speakers: Sabrina HALLI, Sara BOUZID and Sabrina MAKHOUKHI. We finished the first part of the event with a panel of questions and answers and the announcement of the winners of the tambola. We put a reception stand placed outside the rooms during all the event to explain the aim of the event and to share the program of the day with every person that is interested in attending.

The second part of the event included 4 workshops:

  •  Arduino training: by Amira DJEBBAR
  •  Public Speaking: by Fatima Lilia MEKLOUT
  •  Leadership: by Dalila CHERIFI
  •  Personal Branding: by Amira BOUTAIBA

The fact that the audience was a mixture of both males and females played a major role in the spread of awareness among the new generation about women’s cause and helped set the light on the daily challenges that women face and how they must overcome these difficulties in order to have a great impact.


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