The Internet of Things and automation in oil and gas sector



In the last few years, new technological developments have become necessary to improve and boost any industry, so the oil and gas sector has opted for them as well because they could make the supply and use of energy safer and more efficient and offer better productivity.

Among these technologies is the Internet of Things “IoT.” This is an emerging technology that aims to connect physical devices and everyday objects using the internet to provide useful services.  Through electronics, connection to the internet, and various forms of hardware and sensors, these devices can communicate and interact over the internet where they can also be controlled and monitored remotely. 

IoT is changing the oil and gas industry and making things easier, safer and more profitable for all companies. Its application is based on increasing efficiency and safety in many ways, such as through remote monitoring or oversight. Monitoring systems in factories was previously a very difficult task, but with IoT, systems are connected to a network and scheduled to transmit information to a device such as a smartphone or tablet connected to the same network so that workers can access and watch each system and analyze the information from anywhere, saving a lot of effort, time and money. 


The IoT can help make all other services and fixes safer and more cost-effective because it allows workers to check the performance of the actual system so that they know when to schedule repairs and maintenance. They also can program the system to send alerts for dangerous situations, faults or any other issues. It can even be programmed to self-diagnose and self-repair. This reduces the need to hire more workers for repairs, saving a lot of dollars, and it’s valuable for those who work with complicated and dangerous systems, as remote services can help reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

With IoT, corporations can use consumers’ touch sensors to monitor absolutely everything from inventory to hydrocarbon shipments traveling around the planet.

IoT removes physical boundaries so that oil and gas companies can reach a wider audience and open up new opportunities.


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