NAPEC Young Professionals


NAPEC Young Professionals is an initiative launched by NAPEC since 2018 dedicated to fresh graduates, final year and PhD students. It is held in the Oran Convention Center. It aims to create an exchange space between students and future leaders of the oil and gas industry and professional operators. It also encourages the transfer of knowledge and the spread of the actual perspectives of the new generation towards the energetic sector.

   The members of our student chapter have always been aware of their role and responsibility as eventual future leaders and innovators of the oil and gas industry. As you may already expect, each year, our student chapter is one of the essential figures that are present during the NAPEC Young Professionals.

   We have also been an effective partner of this amazing initiative and we played a great role in its success. It important to mention that all of the projects managers of the previous editions were active members of our club. This is a thing we are really proud of since it highlights and shows the leadership spirit that we build within our community.

   Our members benefited from various workshops delivered by highly respected personalities of the industry coming from different companies such as Schlumberger, Siemens, Nesr, Welltec …etc. They also had the chance to enlighten our activities and our goals to professionals and other students coming from all corners of Algeria and to explain more about the different events and contributions we bring to the student community.

   Our participations in the NAPEC Young Professionals have played a significant role in embracing the sharing spirit and learning from one and other in order to become all together the new leading individuals of the oil and gas industry.


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