Halliburton iCruise Intelligent Rotary Steerable System (RSS)


Nowadays, big oil companies need to drill faster, which asks for a drilling system that can steer accurately through high-angle wellbores in one direction and achieve target depth on time and on a cost basis, which is the most important thing. The iCruise system provides the best mechanical properties available with 400 RPM and up to 18 degrees/100 ft dogleg capabilities to drill fast and with maximum efficiency and safety.

The iCruise’s modular concept can be customized to drill a long lateral or to improve precision in formations where the well direction changes quickly. Directivity and cutting performance can be further enhanced by coupling the new Halliburton GeoTech (GTi) drill bit to the iCruise system.

The iCruise intelligent RSS is embedded with automated drilling advice controls built on physical models and artificial learning.

BHA digital twin and machine learning from real-time data analysis.                                       real-time data analytics:

  • Advisory pilot commands help plan the well trajectory, optimize the well trajectory, and avoid hazards and collisions.
  • The vibration guidance commands allow for optimization of the speed range of rotation.

“Halliburton has designed a rotary steerable system that integrates sophisticated sensors and electronics, advanced algorithms, and a high-speed processor to help operators position wells more accurately, minimize drilling time, and help maximize asset recovery,” said Lamar Duhon, vice president of Sperry Drilling.

“The unit can also guide decisions about drilling settings, vibration mitigation, and maintenance to enhance dependability.”          


Operators have used the iCruise system in many basins around the world, particularly in North America and the Middle East. In North America, iCruise assisted an operator in drilling over a mile into a complex reservoir while geo-orienting in a 30-foot productive area. The system maintained the wellbore 100% in the reservoir, minimizing time and enhancing recovery.


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