First Steps


On behalf of the first event included in 2019/2020 activity, the SPE student chapter of Boumerdes has organized <<FIRST STEPS>>, a big classic event of the chapter. This event was dedicated to welcome the new bachelors, presentation of the club and the oil process and a variety of activities to let the new students discover the hydrocarbons field, give them a first appreciation of their future studies and answer their different interrogations.

The planning of the event was as follows, the first part consists in the presentation of the oil process, for this a stand was reserved for each specialty of the faculty and by using different posters, illustrations and PowerPoint presentations the new bachelors had the opportunity for the first time to know more about their future specialties, and the world of hydrocarbons as well.

The presentation of the student chapter took a big part of the event, the students were able to understand what we exactly do in the club, and we also let them know our different activities, formations and internal organization by showing them our sections and their functions, they were also convinced to join us by filling the forms that we gave them.

In addition to the exposition, the new students assisted to some formations and workshops. The first one was a very important topic for first year students in general, it was about ’’How to manage the 5 years of studies’’, where the students had the chance to learn the right way to achieve their 5 years of studies by following daily rules and a lot of things need to be considered for the best leading of the academic curriculum.

The second formation was about <<ENERGY 4ME>> event, indeed the bachelors assisted to the initiation and they get to know the importance and the objectif of this program created by the SPE.

The last one was entitled <<Exchange Programs and Scholarships>>, each one of the participants has got an idea on the existed opportunities to pursue their studies abroad, so they were well informed about the steps to follow in order to apply.

Briefly, this was the <<FIRST STEPS>> event, an event characterized by the keen interest of the new students to take part, their interest of the student chapter and their big ambition to join our family.


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