Blue Gentoo’s Intelligent Hydrate Platform (iHP)


“This project has the potential to solve a real industry challenge and fit between Blue Gentoo and the team at the University of Aberdeen was quickly evident. It’s vitally important that support is given to small technology-focused businesses, so they can help push our industry forward.” Ian Phillips, CEO of OGIC.

  The platform is considered as the latest stage of success in ABERDEEN University. A small entrepreneurship initiative founded by Blue Gentoo aimed to harness the experience, and knowledge and innovation of oil and gas professionals facing redundancy. This collaboration has been one of 10 technology start-ups selected for OGTC’s (oil and gas technology center) prestigious techX Pioneer technology accelerator program.

The product provides intelligent real time hydrate formation by automatically controlling MEG (MonoEthylene Glycol) injections by monitoring hydrocarbon parameters to calculate required MEG injections and make adjustments in real time without human intervention. It enables the digital transformation of the oil field and combines AI technology (Artificial Intelligence), proven software and engineering techniques.

The ordinary process of hydrating gas includes trace-line heating systems or injection of inhibitors which costs a lot, moreover risks that are not neglected in this formation due to rapid fluctuations in low temperature and high pressure (deep and cold offshore environments). 

Reducing costs and risks, increasing production availability is essentially the purpose of the new technologies in all domains, particularly in oil and gas since it’s the most exposed to bad scenarios field .IHP is one of the huge successful steps that have been made concerning gas hydrating, it provides the operation without any probabilities to fall in huge doses of MEG and manages the methanol contamination. 

 Automatization, digitalization and artificial intelligence are leading the industry into the next level of safety, productivity, high predictions. And will change the future of the oil and gas industry.




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